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World Padel Cup

The World Padel Cup is a global, unique and exclusive event created by Catchawards. Its uniqueness is due to its incomparable location, as it is held in excellent facilities in Madeira (Porto Santo & Funchal), counting with the presence of more than 600 participants.

Porto Santo

One of the places where the World Padel Cup is held is on the island of Porto Santo, recognized as one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal - Beaches, given its therapeutic qualities and its own beauty. Furthermore,

the tournament is held at the facilities of the Vila Baleira Resort, where participants are also accommodated. These complexes are of excellent quality and contain 4 new padel courts.

Campo padel 5.jpg


Another exclusive location where the WPC takes place is in Funchal, recognized as the 9th Best Coastal City in the World for Holidays. This city stands out as a destination full of surprises and adventures, marked by unique natural beauty. In this stunning city, the tournament is also held  in the unique facilities of the Vila Baleira Resort, where participants are also accommodated.


More Than A Sporting Event

The WPC is more than just a sporting event, it is a social event,  of fun, culture, tourism, recreation and much more!  The event is a combination of healthy competition, socializing and sports. In addition, you also have the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable experiences: beach parties, outdoor music and lots of entertainment!

Participant from Porto Santo

"The expression of the golden island applies perfectly, it is absolutely fantastic."

Participant from Porto Santo

"The best Padel tournament of my life was in Porto Santo."

Participant from Porto Santo

"We loved it because of the participation in the tournament, the atmosphere, the cuisine, the hotel and the beach."
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